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Pentecost History

The Observance of Pentecost is a Christian event that commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the followers of Jesus Christ. Pentecost holds great significance as it marks the birth of the early Christian Church, when the Apostles received the Holy Spirit and were enabled to spread the teachings of Jesus throughout the world. This event represents the fulfillment of Jesus' promise to his followers to bestow upon them the power from heaven.

Pentecost has been celebrated in South Africa as a historic Christian tradition dating back to the earliest European settlers in the 17th century. Pentecost services often feature multilingual prayers to represent the diverse languages spoken in South Africa, reflecting the unity attributed to the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

The observance of Pentecost typically occurs 50 days after Easter and 10 days after Ascension Day. The date of Pentecost varies each year, falling between May 10th and June 13th, aligning with the liturgical calendar used in many churches across South Africa.

Pentecost facts

  • In the Roman Catholic tradition, Pentecost is sometimes called Whitsunday (pronounced: 'with - Sunday'). The name comes from the white color of garments that people wore who were being baptized typically wore.
  • The Holy Spirit, often depicted as wind or a dove in the Bible, is the third part of the Christian Trinity, which also includes the Father, God, and Jesus Christ, the Son. The Holy Spirit is also referred to sometimes as the Holy Ghost.
  • Red is the liturgical color associated with Pentecost, representing the flames of fire and the Holy Spirit's presence.
  • Many South Africans attending Pentecost services dress in red as a symbol of the fire that descended upon the apostles. This color also signifies the love and passion of the Holy Spirit.
  • Anglican and Methodist churches in South Africa often place greater importance on the commemoration of Pentecost through liturgies, sermons, and hymns focused on the Holy Spirit. Traditional African churches often blend aspects of their cultural practices into the celebration of Pentecost.

Top things to do in South Africa for Pentecost

  • Pentecost is a particularly appropriate day to join a church. In the early church, it was a day when the newly converted, after a period of preparation, were baptized.
  • Some churches stress mission around Pentecost. See what your local church is doing to help your community and get involved.
  • Celebrate Pentecost by wathcing a documentary about Christianity in South Africa. Here are our suggestions:
    1. Fire From Heaven (1996) - This documentary series examines the Azusa Street Revival and the global impact of Pentecostalism, with particular focus on South Africa and its development there.
    2. Holy Ghost People (2013) - A documentary that explores the world of South African Pentecostalism, providing an insight into the various beliefs and practices of charismatic churches.
    3. South Africa Believes: The Charismatic Churches (2017) - A documentary that investigates the rise of charismatic and Pentecostal churches in South Africa, putting a spotlight on their rapid growth and increasing political influence.
    4. Pentecostalism in Africa: The New Face of Christianity (2016) - Produced by the Religion & Ethics Newsweekly, this short video report showcases the growth of Pentecostalism in Africa and highlights the ways it has transformed personal and social life in the continent.
  • Attend a local church services. Many churches in South Africa hold special services to celebrate Pentecost, with sermons focusing on the Holy Spirit and the birth of the Christian Church. Congregants often wear red to symbolize the fire of the Holy Spirit.

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