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World Development Information Day

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World Development Information Day History

World Development Information Day is a United Nations observance aimed at raising awareness about the vital role of information and communication technologies in socio-economic development. The day promotes the dissemination of data and statistics that inform global processes of development including poverty eradication, climate action, and sustainable resource management. It highlights the need for international cooperation in addressing global development challenges and exchanging knowledge, ideas, and experiences among people and nations.

Established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972, World Development Information Day recognizes the importance of information sharing in promoting progress and achieving national and global development goals. In South Africa, this observance is particularly relevant to the country's efforts to address poverty, inequality, and unemployment and advance social and economic development. The day demonstrates the importance of reliable, accurate, and timely information to inform evidence-based decision-making, policy formulation, and resource allocation in sectors such as education, health, and infrastructure development.

In South Africa, World Development Information Day is typically observed through activities that engage government, civil society, academia, and the private sector. These activities include conferences, workshops, seminars, and media campaigns focused on the relevance of development data, the value of information sharing, and the potential impact of new technologies on the country's future progress. World Development Information Day takes place annually on October 24, serving as a reminder of the crucial role played by accurate information in shaping policy, strategy, and investment in support of South Africa's development aspirations.

Facts about World Development Information Day

  • Information and communications technologies have the potential to provide new solutions to development challenges, particularly in the context of globalization, and can foster economic growth, competitiveness, access to information and knowledge, poverty eradication and social inclusion - General Assembly Resolution 2010
  • Development information can reveal issues of inequality and disparity within a society which can lead to targeted development initiatives and policies.
  • With the rise of technology and digitization, development information is increasingly becoming more accessible and easier to gather and analyze. Through the use of tools like big data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, development professionals can gain better and more timely insights.
  • Global warming and climate change deeply impact South Africa's development. Data indicates rising temperatures, changing rainfall patterns, and increased frequency of extreme weather events, with implications for water resources, agriculture, biodiversity, and human health.
  • Development information shows variations across South Africa's nine provinces. Factors like household income, educational attainment, access to utilities, and employment rates differ substantially, highlighting the need for region-specific policies and interventions.

Top things to do in South Africa for this observance

  • Educate oneself on South Africa's development policies and strategies by exploring resources provided by government agencies and research institutions.
  • Support local businesses and social enterprises that contribute to sustainable development and job creation.

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