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2023 Date20 December 2023
2024 Date20 December 2024

International Human Solidarity Day

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International Human Solidarity Day is a global observance aimed at fostering unity and shared ideals among all peoples and nations. Introduced by the United Nations, the day is committed to upholding international peace, respect for human rights, and promoting social and economic development. The purpose recognises the value of solidarity in addressing local and global challenges, urging nations to collaborate in creating sustainable societies while respecting diversity.

In South Africa, International Human Solidarity Day holds special significance given the country’s historical struggle against racial discrimination and inequality. The principles of solidarity were instrumental during the anti-apartheid movement, reinforcing the call for global support against oppressive systems. Today, the day’s observance aligns with South Africa's commitment towards alleviating poverty and addressing economic inequality, key issues echoed in the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals. This highlights the interconnected aspect of solidarity where global collaboration can bring progress on national challenges.

Observations of International Human Solidarity Day in South Africa often involve a range of activities focusing on promoting unity and collaboration. This often includes public awareness campaigns, community projects, and various events led by government and non-government organizations emphasizing the need for solidarity in overcoming social challenges. South Africa, along with other nations, observes International Human Solidarity Day on December 20 as declared by the United Nations. The day serves as a reminder of the importance of unity in diversity and the collective effort required to achieve a better and more equitable world.

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  • The theme for international human solidarity day in 2023 was day to celebrate our unity in diversity.
  • The U.N estimates that the cost to end extreme poverty is about $175 billion. Extreme poverty means living on $1.90 or less a day. Those in extreme poverty cannot afford the minimum nutrition, clothing, or shelter standards in their country.
  • Solidarity among people and countries can foster economic growth. Sharing resources, development strategies and policies can overcome economic disparities and challenges.
  • Despite the progress made since the end of apartheid, South Africa still faces significant levels of social inequality. The income gap is one of the highest in the world, and poverty affects a large portion of the population.
  • Ubuntu is a traditional African philosophy that emphasizes the interconnectedness of humanity, often translated as "I am because we are," or "humanity towards others."

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  • The U.N lists multiple ways that people can come together to help end poverty. Young voters, policymakers, private sector workers, and academics and scientists can work together to create productive employment that is inclusive and contributes to poverty reduction. If you belong to one of these groups find out how you can make an impact. If not, look for opportunities in your industry.
  • Engage in community service by supporting local NGOs or charity organizations that work towards improving social welfare and human rights.
  • Purchase products and services from local businesses, particularly those owned by marginalized communities or individuals who have faced social injustices. Encouraging economic empowerment helps promote solidarity and inclusivity.

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