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World Youth Skills Day

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World Youth Skills Day History

World Youth Skills Day is an annual observance that highlights the importance of equipping young people with skills for employment, entrepreneurship, and creativity. The day was first celebrated in 2015 when the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution in November 2014 to designate the day. The theme for each year's celebration is chosen in line with the global priorities of promoting decent work for all and the global agenda for sustainable development.

In South Africa, this day aims to provide a platform for young people to showcase their skills, celebrate their achievements, and raise awareness about the significance of investing in youth development. The day is an opportunity for the government, private sector, civil society, and youth-led organizations to engage in dialogue and take collective action to address the skills gap and youth unemployment crisis in the country.

South Africa has one of the highest youth unemployment rates in the world, with over 50% of young people between the ages of 15 and 24 jobless. The World Youth Skills Day serves as a crucial tool for bridging the skills mismatch and creating more opportunities for young people to participate in the country's economic growth. World Youth Skills Day is observed annually on July 15th.

World Youth Skills Day facts

  • The theme for World Youth Skills Day in 2022 was Learning and skills for life, work, and sustainable development.
  • UNICEF reports that 9 out of 10 adolescent girls and young women are offline in low-income countries.
  • According to UNICEF’s Recovering Learning report, only a quarter of young people are on track to acquire job-specific skills
  • There is a significant skills gap in South Africa, with the country's economy requiring skills that the young workforce often does not possess, such as technical and vocational skills.
  • The quality of education remains a challenge in South Africa, with many schools struggling to provide a solid foundation for students in areas such as mathematics and science.

Top things to do in South Africa for World Youth Skills Day

  • Learn more about the issues surrounding youth unemployment. This infographic from the International Labour Organization goes into detail about why more than 200 million young people are either unemployed, or have a job but live in poverty.
  • Review current job listings to check their requirements. By understanding whether or not jobs are requiring new skills, you can help friends and family better navigate the workforce. You can also better equip yourself if you are looking for employment.
  • Plan a trip to the Nelson Mandela Youth and Heritage Centre, Qunu. It is a must-visit for anyone wanting to witness firsthand the incredible impact of Mandela's dedication to youth empowerment and education.
  • Visit the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg. The museum offers a deeper understanding of the struggles faced by the younger generations during apartheid and challenges they have overcome to gain access to quality education and skills training today.

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