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2024 Date25 April 2024
2025 Date25 April 2025

World Malaria Day

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World Malaria Day History

World Malaria Day is dedicated to raising awareness about malaria, a life-threatening disease transmitted to people through the bites of infected mosquitoes. Spearheaded by the World Health Organization (WHO), the event underscores the global effort to control malaria, encouraging educational initiatives and promoting malaria prevention and treatment strategies. A significant aspect of this observance is to demonstrate the progress made in malaria control and to motivate new commitments to reaching a malaria-free world.

The first World Malaria Day occurred on April 25, 2008, established by the WHO Member States during the World Health Assembly in May 2007. This observance is especially significant in Nigeria, which accounts for about 25% of the global malaria burden. Over 100 million malaria cases and roughly 300,000 deaths were reported in Nigeria in 2019 alone, emphasizing the crucial need for malaria prevention and control, as well as improved access to treatment in the country.

World Malaria Day in Nigeria is generally marked by activities such as public awareness campaigns, educational programs, and malaria prevention initiatives. These activities are mainly aimed at spreading knowledge about malaria, its mode of transmission, the importance of prompt and effective treatment, and the use of preventive measures like insecticide-treated nets. Attention is also often drawn to the needs of populations in areas particularly vulnerable to the disease. World Malaria Day is held on the 25th of April annually, serving as a crucial reminder of the country's ongoing battle against this preventable and treatable disease.

Facts about World Malaria Day

  • The theme for World Malaria Day in 2024 was Time to deliver zero malaria: invest, innovate, implement. In 2022 the theme was Harness innovation to reduce the malaria disease burden and save lives.
  • There are over 100 species of malaria parasite, the most deadly being the Plasmodium Falciparum, found in Africa.
  • Nigeria's National Malaria Elimination Programme and partners celebrated World Malaria Day in 2021 under the global theme "Zero Malaria - Draw the Line Against Malaria", aiming to reach malaria elimination by 2030.
  • In 2021, Nigeria was among the countries chosen for the Malaria Vaccine Implementation Programme by the WHO, along with Ghana and Malawi. The vaccine, known as RTS,S, is the first to show partial protection against malaria in young children. This represents a huge step forward in controlling and ultimately eradicating malaria.

Top things to do in Nigeria for World Malaria Day

  • Watch Living with Malaria, a documentary about scientists in Burkina Faso fighting Malaria.
  • Make sure you're protected when you go out. Wear long-sleeved clothing or spray on bug repellent.
  • Watch a Film or Documentary to learn more about Malaria in Nigeria:
    1) Mary and Martha (2013): This movie is a drama about two women who lose their sons to malaria and work together to raise awareness about the disease.
    2) Africa’s Killer Plague: The Plague that Killed Lincoln’s Grandfather (2008): This documentary by National Geographic investigates how malaria affected the world, with special emphasis on Africa.
  • Visiting Malaria Research Centers: Institutions like the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research often share research findings on the latest developments in malaria prevention, control, and treatment.

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