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Easter History

Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ in the Christian faith. Rooted in history, many Christians perceive it as a time of remembrance, reflection, and celebration. The observance encompasses important aspects such as Good Friday and Easter Sunday, which mark Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection respectively. Several traditions and customs associated with Easter, such as the use of eggs and candles, represent new life and the light of Christ respectively, making this period highly symbolic and significant for followers of Christianity.

In Nigeria, with a portion of the population being Christian, Easter plays a crucial role. The observance of Easter, although universal, has a touch of local flavour in its Nigerian context. Predating the colonial period, Christianity was introduced to Nigeria in the 15th Century, making Easter observance an inherent part of Nigeria's religious culture. It is not just a religious observance but a social one as well, as it is often a time of reunion for family members and loved ones, reflecting the deeply communal character of Nigerian society.

Easter in Nigeria usually begins with Ash Wednesday, marking the commencement of the Lenten period of fasting and prayer. This culminates in a week-long observance known as the Holy Week which includes Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday. During this period, special services and gatherings are conducted across Nigerian churches. The use of palm fronds on Palm Sunday, processions on Good Friday, and joyful celebrations on Easter Sunday testify to the centrality of Easter in Nigeria's religious calendar. Unlike some other countries, the date of Easter in Nigeria consistently follows the global Christian calendar, falling on the first Sunday after the full moon following the March equinox.

Facts about Easter Day

  • For many Christian congregations, the first Easter service for the year is the Service of Light. The worship typically starts in darkness on the preceding Saturday night or early Sunday morning. Light is brought into the church with candles to signify hope based on the resurrection. The service culminates with the lighting of a paschal candle, signifying Christ.
  • Easter eggs represent new life and also symbolize the shape of Jesus' tomb.
  • Easter in Nigeria is often marked with special dishes. "Fried Rice and Chicken" or "Jollof Rice" become a general meal in almost every household during Easter.
  • In some parts of Nigeria, particularly in the east, palm fronds are used to symbolize peace and are especially evident during Easter processions.

Top things to do in Nigeria for Easter

  • Go to a children's Easter egg hunt or hold one of your own. Many churches have them the Saturday before Easter too.
  • Cook an Easter dinner for family and friends. Traditional entrees include lamb or ham. During Lent (period leading up to Easter), many Roman Catholics exclude meat from their diet, so Easter is often indulgent on meat.
  • Attend Aso-Ebi Parties: These are traditional Yoruba parties where families and friends gather and dress in the same fabric (Aso-Ebi) to celebrate Easter. It usually involves, music, dancing, and a lot of delicious Nigerian food.
  • Prepare traditional meals for Easter, such as:
    1) Jollof Rice: Easter meal in Nigeria most commonly starts off with Jollof Rice. This is a very flavorful and enjoyable dish made out of rice, tomatoes, onions, and a variety of spices.
    2) Pounded Yam with Egusi Soup: The yam is pounded into a smooth paste and served hot with Egusi soup, a stew made from melon seeds, vegetables, and meat or fish.
    3) Suya: These are Nigerian shish kebabs (kebab, also known as shish kebab) which are cooked on a skewer. This is typically made with skewered meat and includes fish and chicken options.

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