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2024 Date7 May 2024
2025 Date6 May 2025

World Asthma Day

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World Asthma Day History

World Asthma Day seeks to educate the public on the nature of the disease, its risk factors, methods of control, and the need for improved treatments. This international observance also underscores the importance of preventative measures and managing the condition effectively to enhance the quality of life of affected individuals.

World Asthma Day holds special significance for Nigeria, as it is estimated that approximately 13 million Nigerians suffer from the disease. The first observance of this day in Nigeria was in 1998, the same year GINA initiated it globally, indicating the nation's proactiveness in tackling this substantial health concern. Asthma's impact on Nigeria is extensive, with severe attacks often leading to hospitalizations and sometimes, unfortunately, proving fatal. World Asthma Day aims to shed light on this issue, promoting action and encouraging the adoption of effective asthma management strategies in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, World Asthma Day is marked by a variety of activities aimed at raising awareness and facilitating access to essential care. Health institutions, advocacy groups, and civil societies organize educational workshops, free screening exercises, and public lectures. They distribute educational materials and share preventive measures to help individuals manage their condition and reduce exposure to triggers. World Asthma Day falls on the first Tuesday in May, a day dedicated to amplifying the conversation surrounding respiratory health in Nigeria and ensuring a coordinated, national approach to fighting this common but often overlooked disease.

Facts about World Asthma Day

  • The theme for World Asthma Day in 2024 Asthma Education Empowers.
    In 2023, the theme was Asthma care for All.
  • According to the CDC, in 2023, 7.7% of Americans have asthma, roughly 45 million people.
    According to the National Library of Medicine, in 2022, approximately 300 million people worldwide have asthma.
  • Nigeria has one of the highest asthma fatality rates in the world, with an estimated 5,155 deaths each year. This is attributed to scarcity of standard disease management programmes, poor patient education, and delay in seeking appropriate medical help.
  • There's a common association between asthma attacks and exposure to house dust in Nigeria, especially in rural and poor urban areas where proper sanitation is lacking.

Top things to do in Nigeria for World Asthma Day

  • Read about an interview with a school girl with asthma.
  • Watch this video on what happens during an extreme asthma attack.
  • Participate in asthma walks oragnized by your local asthma foundation. Many organizations in Nigeria host events like walks or runs to promote asthma awareness and to raise funds for asthma research.
  • Attend a local awareness seminar or health talk on asthma to learn more about the condition and how to manage it.

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