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Easter Monday History

Easter Monday commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, an event that followed his crucifixion on Good Friday. Known and celebrated as a part of the Holy Week that also includes Good Friday and Easter Sunday, this day is seen as a time of reflection and joyful gatherings by Christians. The day is marked with diverse cultural and religious activities reflecting the local traditions and customs, further enthralling the spirit of Easter.

In Nigeria, the celebration of Easter Monday is deeply entrenched in the Christian faith. Historically, the day has been significant because it marks the events following the resurrection of Jesus as detailed in the New Testament of the Bible. On this day, Nigerian Christians commemorate Jesus's victory over death, symbolising hope and renewal, concepts that resonate profoundly with the Christian community in Nigeria.

The observance of Easter Monday in Nigeria often encapsulates church services, processions, family gatherings, feasts, and social events. Services in churches on this day typically further reflect on the message of resurrection and the hope it brings. After church activities, families typically gather to celebrate with food, drinks, music, and dance. It is also common for communities to organise social events, such as carnivals and concerts. Easter Monday falls on the day after Easter Sunday, which is a moveable feast in the Christian calendar, and its specific date varies from year to year.

Top facts about Easter Monday

  • The Paschal full moon dictates the date of Easter every year. The Paschal full moon, in the Gregorian Calendar, means that Easter falls on the first full moon after the spring equinox, or March 21.
  • Holy Week is the celebrated during the week leading up to Easter. It begins on Palm Sunday, continues on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and ends on Easter Sunday. Not all countries include Easter Monday into their Holy Weeks.
  • A popular Ibo yam festival, known as the Ahianjoku festival, is traditionally held on Easter Monday in many parts of Igboland in Nigeria. It involves offering the first yam of the year to Ahianjoku, the deity of yam.
  • Easter Monday is considered a "Day of Rest". After the all-day celebration that most Nigerians observe on Easter Sunday, Easter Monday is usually a quieter day devoted to rest and reflection.

Easter Monday Top Things to Do

  • If the weather permits, gather your friends and family for a picnic or outdoor barbecue. Enjoy some delicious food and engage in fun outdoor games or activities.
  • Spread awareness on social media by using the hashtags #EasterMonday, #Easter, #Pascha and #EasterEggs.
  • Due to the public holiday, families often go on picnics or to popular sites such as the Yankari Game Reserve, Olumo Rock, or Aso Rock for a fun day out.
  • Going to the beach is a popular pastime on Easter Monday in Lagos. Elegushi Beach and Oniru Beach are particularly popular.

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