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World Bee Day History

World Bee Day is an annual global event celebrated on 20th May that emphasizes the crucial role bees play in pollination, ensuring the thriving of our ecosystems, food supplies, and biodiversity. The primary objective of this Observance is to raise public awareness about the significance of bees as key contributors to our environment, including critical agricultural processes in Nigeria.

The United Nations General Assembly first declared World Bee Day on 20th December 2017, following a proposal made by the Republic of Slovenia in collaboration with international organizations working in the beekeeping sector. Nigeria, being a major player in African agriculture, stands to benefit greatly from healthy bee populations. Bees in Nigeria contribute significantly to the pollination of cash crops like cocoa, oil palm, and cotton, and subsistence crops such as yam, maize, and millet. The honeybee, one of Nigeria's most important pollinators, also provides apiculture products such as honey and beeswax, which contribute to the nation's economy.

To mark the Observance of World Bee Day, various activities are organized to increase the understanding and admiration for bees' contributions to our food security, natural habitats, and the fight against climate change. This event is commemorated globally to remind us of our shared responsibility in protecting these hardworking pollinators, enabling sustainable agricultural practices, and securing this valuable resource for generations to come.

World Bee Day facts

  • According to the UN, about 35% of invertebrate pollinators (bees and butterflies) face global extinction due to human impact.
  • A single honeybee can produce around 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime.
  • A typical honeybee colony can consist of 20,000 to 80,000 bees during peak season.
  • Honey bees are the most important pollinators in Nigeria, helping to sustain crops and natural habitats.
  • Nigeria is one of the largest honey-producing countries in Africa and has a rich history of honey production.

Top things to do in Nigeria for World Bee Day

  • Do what you can to help bees! Plant native plants and flowers, avoid using pesticides or herbicides, and purchase honey from local farmers.
  • Explore a collection of poems about bees and their importance.
  • Watch a movie about bees that are native to Africa. Here are our picks:
    1. Sisters of the Wilderness (2018) - This documentary explores the lives of five Zulu women from rural areas of KwaZulu-Natal who become beekeepers, using honey as a means to create sustainable livelihoods.
    2. Honey at the Top (2016) - This documentary is set in Kenya and focuses on Sengwer tribe's livelihoods through beekeeping, honey hunting, and their struggle to preserve their ancestral land.
    3. Beekeeping in Africa (2010) - A short YouTube series that explores beekeeping projects in Liberia, Tanzania, and Uganda, showcasing the importance of bees and sustainable livelihoods in these regions.
  • Check out a local honey tasting event today. Learn about the different types of honey produced in Nigeria and taste them in an interactive setting on World Bee Day.

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