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AKA Name420, National Weed Day, National Marijuana Day
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2024 Date20 April 2024
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420 Day

420 Day is a globally acknowledged counterculture holiday primarily among those in the cannabis community. It is an unofficial celebration of cannabis and its cultural influence, where enthusiasts gather to consume marijuana, discuss cannabis policy issues, champion its legalization, and promote its medical benefits. Advocates argue that decriminalizing and regulating the sale of cannabis can lead to significant health, social, and economic advantages.

The origin of 420 Day dates back to the 1970s in California, USA, when a group of students known as the "Waldos" used "420" as a code to arrange meet-ups for smoking cannabis. Over the years, the term gained international recognition and became synonymous with cannabis consumption. In Nigeria, the observance of 420 Day is a controversial issue due to the nation's strict stance on drug use and regulation. However, in recent times, there's a growing conversation around marijuana, spurred by the global trend towards its acceptance and legalization. Nigeria, being a major cannabis cultivating country, is not left out of this discourse.

In Nigeria, 420 Day isn't widely celebrated in public due to strict laws against marijuana use. However, some private gatherings of cannabis enthusiasts occur discretely. The Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) cautions that the use or possession of cannabis is currently illegal in Nigeria. Regardless, the progressive global perspective towards marijuana has sparked debates among stakeholders in Nigeria about reconsidering its stance on cannabis. More often, 420 Day in Nigeria sparks these conversations about cannabis legality and benefits. This worldwide observance of 420 Day occurs annually on the 20th of April.

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Facts about 420 Day

  • The oldest marijuana stash ever found is believed to be 2,700 years old. Two pounds of the dried plant were uncovered in an ancient tomb in the Gobi Desert in northwest China. The stash was buried along with a shaman.
  • Marijuana has pain-relieving properties and can be used to treat the symptoms of certain medical conditions such as cancer and HIV/AIDS.

Top things to do in Nigeria for 420 Day

  • Inform yourself on the reality of marijuana's dangers and benefits.

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