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International Beer Day

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International Beer Day History

International Beer Day is a global celebration that aims to bring people together through the appreciation of beer, the world's most loved alcoholic beverage. The occasion is marked by various events across different countries, with beer enthusiasts gathering to enjoy their favorite brews, as well as toasting the efforts of brewers and bartenders who make it possible for everyone to enjoy this popular drink. The day also promotes the responsible consumption of beer and encourages people to explore diverse beer cultures around the globe.

The concept of International Beer Day was first introduced by Jesse Avshalomov in 2007, in Santa Cruz, California. The event has since grown in popularity and is now observed in more than 200 cities around the world, including several cities in Nigeria. In recent years, Nigeria has witnessed a remarkable growth in its beer industry, with an increasing number of local breweries and a vibrant beer culture. This positions Nigeria as the largest beer market in Africa and the progressives' interest in International Beer Day.

On International Beer Day, a number of bars, restaurants, and breweries organize special events, offering discounts and promotions on a wide variety of beers. Nigerian beer lovers seize this opportunity to share their passion for the drink, discover new beer brands, and socialize with fellow enthusiasts, while appreciating the significant contributions of brewers and bartenders. The celebration of International Beer Day in Nigeria not only reflects the nation's love for beer but also highlights the significance of the beverage in bringing people together. International Beer Day is observed annually on August 4th.

International Beer Day facts

  • International Beer Day began in Santa Cruz, California, 2007. It was founded by beer enthusiasts, Jesse Avshalomov and Evan Hamilton.
  • As far back as ancient Egypt, beer was a staple food. Known as Hqt, heqet or heket, beer was a thick and sweet source of nutrition including vitamins, minerals and protein that was consumed daily by adults and children.
  • Nigeria is one of the top beer-consuming countries in Africa, with an annual consumption of over 9 million hectoliters.
  • Nigeria has a thriving informal beer and traditional alcohol market, which includes locally brewed drinks such as palm wine, ogogoro (a local spirit), and burukutu (a millet-based beer). The informal market is estimated to account for up to 75% of the total alcohol consumption in Nigeria.

Top things to do in Nigeria for International Beer Day

  • Visit your local watering hole and try a new beer that you have never had.
  • Try an international award-winning beer. The International Brewing Awards are recognize outstanding achievements in the brewing industry. The winners for 2015 include:
    1. Champion Dark Beer - Black Butte Porter, Deschutes Brewery Inc., Oregon, USA
    2. Champion Strong Beer - Brugse Zot Dubbel, Brouwerij De Halve Maan, Bruges, Belgium
    3. Champion Specialty Beer - Red Chair NWPA, Deschutes Brewery Inc., Oregon, USA
    4. Champion Keg Ale - Revisionist Rye Pale Ale, Marston’s PLC, Wolverhampton, UK
  • Make Beer-Infused BBQ Sauce. Add beer to your favorite BBQ sauce to give it a unique, tangy flavor. Use it to marinate or baste meats such as chicken, beef, or pork.
  • Beer enthusiasts can host or attend informal beer-themed gatherings or parties at home or at their favorite local bar, where the focus is on enjoying a variety of beers from around the world.

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