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Beginning of Spring (Spring Equinox)

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Spring Begins History

The onset of spring, marked globally by the Spring Equinox, brings longer daylight, warmer weather, blooming nature, and an emergence from the prolonged phase of winter hibernation. It draws special respect and observance for ushering in a period of rebirth, rejuvenation, and new beginnings.

Although the historical origins tracing the observance of Spring Equinox are buried in antiquity, its significance has permeated multiple cultures across epochs, Germany being no exception. In this central European nation, the onset of spring carries deep-rooted cultural and traditional connotations. Many age-old customs and rituals associated with Spring Equinox revolve around the core idea of renewing the self and the environment. Festivities, mostly rural, include fire ceremonies and traditional spring cleaning, symbolizing purification and renewal. Germans also embrace spring by indulging in 'Frühjahrsputz' or spring cleaning, and by celebrating 'Ostara', a holiday marking the vernal equinox.

In Germany, Spring Equinox is observed with a blend of cultural flair, traditional customs, and a touch of modernity. Observations begin with acknowledging the equal length of day and night, signaling a shift in the season. One of the notable traditions related to this event is the setting up of Easter trees, 'Ostereierbaum', with decorated eggs, symbolizing fertility and new life. In Germany, Spring Equinox occurs around March 20 or 21st.

Facts about Spring Begins

  • The First Day of Spring is also called the Vernal Equinox.
  • On the vernal equinox, the Sun crosses the equator into the Northern Hemisphere. This has the effect of making the days longer in the Northern Hemisphere until the Summer Solstice occurs.
  • A significant tradition that marks the arrival of spring in Germany is the set-up of Maibaum (May trees). These are tall wooden poles that are typically painted in Bavarian colors and decorated with various symbols representing local crafts and businesses.
  • Similar to many cultures, Germans also participate in spring cleaning called 'Frühjahrsputz'. The practice includes cleaning house windows, including the wiping down of frames and the washing of curtains.

Top things to do in Germany for the beginning of Spring

  • Visit a nursery and purchase seeds or plants.
  • Plan your flower beds and garden.
  • Visit the Gardens of World in Berlin: During spring, this place is filled with beautiful cherry blossoms and a wide variety of flowers.
  • Attend the Ostara Fest: Named after the German goddess of spring, this festival often includes a feast, games, and a celebration of the return of greenery and growth. It honors the balance between day and night that the equinox represents.

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