Second Sunday of Advent

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Second Sunday of Advent

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The Second Sunday of Advent is a significant occasion within the liturgical calendar of Western Christianity. It marks the period of preparation for the celebration of Jesus Christ's birth or the Nativity during Christmas. During this time, believers focus on repentance, reflection, and spiritual growth, as well as remembering the prophets who foretold the coming of the Messiah. The Advent wreath, with its four candles representing hope, peace, joy, and love, is a central symbol of this observance, with a new candle lit each Sunday leading up to Christmas day.

The historical roots of Advent can be traced back to the 4th and 5th centuries, with the actual beginning of the Second Sunday of Advent celebrations dating to the 6th century. Over the centuries, various customs have been associated with the observance of Advent in Germany. One such tradition is the proclamation of the Christmas Gospel, which recounts the annunciation of Jesus' birth, during church services. Additionally, Adventskalender, or Advent calendars, have been a popular German custom since the 19th century, providing a fun and interactive way for families to count down the days until Christmas.

In Germany, the Second Sunday of Advent is a time for personal reflection and spiritual growth, as well as engaging in popular traditions. Many people attend church services, partake in family gatherings, and participate in charitable work as a means to prepare for the Nativity. The lighting of the second candle on the Advent wreath is a widely-practiced tradition symbolizing peace. This observance typically falls between December 4th and December 10th, depending on the liturgical year.

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Second Sunday of Advent facts

  • Advent can be traced back to the 4th century when the church in France used the time as a preparation for Baptism. This time period was called St. Martin's Lent. It would last 40 days starting on November 11th.
  • The Second Sunday of Advent deals with peace and hope. Readings during this week include discussions of hope and waiting together in harmony. May the God of endurance and encouragement grant you to think in harmony with one another, in keeping with Christ Jesus... Romans 15:5
  • Blue and purple are the traditional colors used in the sanctuary during Advent. Some consider blue to be the color of royalty and claim it is used to anticipate the coming of a King. Others see purple as signaling a time of penance and sacrifice.
  • In the northwest town of Nikolausdorf ("Nicholas Village"), a tradition of children sending letters to St. Nicholas (Santa Claus) is upheld. This practice receives numerous letters during Advent, usually asking for gifts, and underscores the significance of the holiday season.
  • Germany is famous for its numerous Christmas markets. These markets are set up during the Advent season and become increasingly popular as the second Sunday of Advent approaches. The markets offer a variety of traditional food, drinks, and crafts, allowing visitors to enjoy the festive atmosphere and buy unique Christmas gifts.

Top things to do in Germany for Second Sunday of Advent

  • Attend service. Themes for this week include peace, hope, and togetherness.
  • Continue with your Advent calendar. Some calendars have little chocolates in them that you can enjoy each day.
  • Germans love baking Christmas cookies during the Advent season. Use this day to bake traditional German cookies like Lebkuchen, Zimtsterne, or Vanillekipferl.
  • Prepare a special festive meal with typical German dishes like roasted goose, potato dumplings, and red cabbage.

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