Swiss National Holiday

Swiss National Holiday Quick Facts - CH

AKA NameNat'l.feiertag Schweiz / Bundesfeier
2023 Date1 August 2023
2024 Date1 August 2024
Swiss National Day

Swiss National Holiday History

Swiss National Day commemorates the foundation of the Swiss Confederacy. Also known as "Bundesfeier" in German, "Fête nationale Suisse" in French, and "Festa nazionale Svizzera" in Italian, the observance is primarily celebrated to express national unity and pride. Key aspects of this day include traditional customs, cultural events, and firework displays to mark the occasion with enthusiasm and spirit.

The origin of Swiss National Day can be traced back to 1291 when the three alpine cantons of Switzerland - Uri, Schwyz, and Unterwalden - formed an alliance, sealing the Swiss Confederacy's birth. For people in the United Kingdom, the Swiss National Day sheds light on the strong relations between the two countries that have continued to grow since the early 20th century. Trade, tourism, and the fact that both countries share a strong commitment towards democracy, appreciation for multiculturalism, and mutual respect for each other's languages and traditions make Swiss National Day relevant to the people of the United Kingdom.

In the UK, Swiss National Day is primarily observed by Swiss expatriates and cultural organizations, which host various events to celebrate the day. These can include traditional Swiss music performances, culinary indulgences, and sporting events to bring the Swiss community together in the UK. Swiss National Day occurs annually on the 1st of August, and events scheduled in the UK correspond to this date, allowing the expatriate Swiss community in the UK to join the celebrations simultaneously with their fellow citizens in Switzerland.

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