Liberation from Nazi-Fascism

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AKA NameFesta della Liberazione, Liberazione dal nazifascismo (1945)
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Liberation from Nazi-Fascism (1945)

Liberation from Nazi-Fascism (1945) History

Liberation Day commemorates the uprising of Italy’s people against the Fascist tyrants and Nazi domination. The uprising was successful and shortly after, fascist leader, Benito Mussolini, and his followers were exiled. This declaration marked the end of the Second World War for Italy and the birth of the Italian Republic. The Liberation resulted in the end of the Italian monarchy and the creation of a constitution.

Liberation Day is celebrated annually on 25 April in an effort to commemorate this turning point in Italian history. It was officially made a national holiday in 1949 and it has been celebrated annually since.

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Liberation from Nazi-Fascism Facts & Quotes

  • Mussolini did not take over power in a coup, as is popular belief. He was given the post of Prime Minister from King Victor because he feared the March on Rome may cause civil war.
  • The Constitution of Italy was drawn up and approved in 1947, marking the birth of the Democratic Republic of Italy.
  • In Italy, under Mussolini’s rule, families were encouraged to have many children. This was done by offering substantial tax breaks to families with more children.
  • Mussolini was eventually executed when he was caught trying to flee Italy over the Swiss border. His corpse was strung up in a Milan square for all to see.
  • Fascism is capitalism in decay. – Vladimir Lenin, Russian communist and revolutionary politician.

Liberation from Nazi-Fascism Top Events and Things to Do

  • Attend the parade held in the Italian capital of Rome. It is one of the biggest, most elaborate celebrations held in the nation on Liberation Day and is attended by thousands. It is a grand display to remember the sacrifice made by those who died fighting for Italian democracy.
  • Watch a movie about fascism and Benito Mussolini. Some of our favourites are: Benito (1993), Last Days of Mussolini (1975), Vincere (2002) and The Fascist (1961).
  • Attend the Biofioricola di Primavera in Pelago or other Tuscan cities, which celebrates natural foods throughout Liberation Day. It is also a place to enjoy artistic crafts, antiques, painting exhibitions and much more.
  • Host an event that supports the liberation of other causes such as inequality, pollution and violence. Invite your friends to attend and collect donations for organizations that support the liberation of others in the world.
  • Spread awareness on social media by using the hashtags #LiberationDay, #ItalyLiberation and #ProDemocracy.

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