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AKA NameDay of the Enlighteners, Bulgarian National Revival Day, National Enlightners Day, Национален ден на пробуждащите
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2024 Date1 November 2024
2025 Date1 November 2025

National Awakening Day (BGR)

National Awakening Day (BGR) in

National Awakeners Day History

Bulgaria National Awakening Day, also known as the Day of Bulgarian Revival Leaders, is aimed at honoring and commemorating the efforts of the educators, thinkers, and spiritual leaders who took part in the Bulgarian National Revival in the 18th and 19th centuries. This period marked a cultural and political reawakening which contributed to the fight for unity and independence of the Bulgarian people. The main focus of this observance is to celebrate the hard work and critical role played by the revival leaders, whose efforts laid the groundwork for the modern Bulgarian state.

The Bulgarian National Revival was a direct response to the oppressive rule under the Ottoman Empire, during which the national identity, education, and culture of the Bulgarian people suffered. It is important to recognize the contribution of the Bulgarian National Revival in preserving the country's cultural heritage and developing its national consciousness. The intellectual circles in Europe, particularly the romantic nations, contributed significantly in inspiring the Bulgarian national awakening. These nations helped to foster a liberal and progressive environment, which eventually led to Bulgaria gaining its independence in 1878 and joining the European Union in 2007.

Although the observances might vary depending on the locality, the central theme of appreciating and commemorating the value and importance of the Bulgarian Revival Leaders remains the same. Bulgaria National Awakening Day is observed annually on November 1st.

Top facts about National Awakeners Day

  • The day is traditionally used to give awards to teachers, actors and artists from all walks of life as a way to remember those in the past that provided such monumental contributions to Bulgaria.
  • While under Ottoman rule, the Empire's Turkish authorities suppressed Bulgarian's national pride and culture. Bulgaria had few terrible schools and no other educational institutions in place to protect, preserve and pass on its cultural heritage. This sparked the National Revival period.

National Awakeners Day Top Things to Do

  • Generate awareness on social media using hashtags such as #NationalEnlightenersDay, #BulgariaAwakeningDay and #NationalRevivalDay.

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