Day of Uprising Against Occupation

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AKA NameSlovak National Day, Dan Upora Proti Okupatorju
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2024 Date27 April 2024
2025 Date27 April 2025

Day of Uprising Against Occupation

Day of Uprising Against Occupation, also known as Resistance Day, commemorates the establishment of the Liberation Front in 1941. On 6 April 1941, Slovenia, then a part of Yugoslavia, was occupied by Nazi Germany and then by the fascist regimes of Italy and Hungary. Later that month, on 26 April 1941, in response to foreign occupation, Slovenia formed the Liberation Front of the Slovene Nation. The Liberation Front became an army against the fascist regimes.

Day of Uprising Against Occupation is celebrated annually 27 April, the day after the Liberation Front was founded. It has been celebrated officially as Resistance Day since Slovenia's independence in 1991.

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Top facts about Day of Uprising Against Occupation

  • When WW2 ended, the Liberation Front helped form the Socialist Alliance of the Working People of Slovenia.
  • The Liberation Front was formed inside the home of Josip Vidmar, a literary critic who lived in the nation's capital of Ljubljana.

Day of Uprising Against Occupation Top Things to Do

  • Head to Medana's Local Celebration which coincides with the day. There is music, dance, food and commemorative activities.
  • Generate awareness on social media using hashtags such as #AgaisntOccupation, #Slovenia and #LiberationFront.

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