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2024 Date31 October 2024
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Reformation Day

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Slovenian Reformation Day celebrates the rich cultural and historical impact of the Protestant Reformation on the Slovenian nation. The day pays homage to the 16th-century Protestant reformers, who played a crucial role in the development of the Slovenian literary and linguistic identity. As the birthplace of the Slovenian literary language, the Reformation shaped the national consciousness of the Slovenian people and marked the beginnings of modern Slovenian society.

The history of Slovenian Reformation Day traces back to the early 16th century when the ideas of the Protestant Reformation started to spread throughout Europe. The translation of the Bible and other religious texts into the Slovene language came to be viewed as a collective cultural achievement. The event exemplifies the significance of the European Reformation movement in shaping the development of national identity and culture in one of the EU's smaller member states.

Commemorative events are often held, sharing the history and the cultural achievements of the Slovenian Reformation with a broader European audience. This celebration of European cultural heritage enhances the understanding of the diversity that lies at the core of the European Union. Slovenian Reformation Day takes place on October 31st, aligning with the broader European celebrations of the Protestant Reformation.

Top facts about Reformation Day

  • The first Slovene translation of the Bible was completed by Jurij Dalmatin in 1584. It took Dalmatin eight years to translate it.
  • The Reformation led to the establishment of the first Slovenian-language school in 1551 and the first Slovenian printed books.

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