Constitution Day

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AKA NameŚwięto Konstytucji Trzeciego Maja
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2024 Date3 May 2024
2025 Date3 May 2025

Constitution Day

Constitution Day in Poland celebrates the Polish Constitution which was signed on 3 May 1791. The monumental constitution changed the political system in Poland by separating judicial, legislative and executive branches of power. This separation of power created a modern democratic country, the first one of its kind in Europe, and also changed the ruling system from a Parliamentary Monarchy to a Constitutional Monarchy.

Constitution Day is celebrated annually on 3 May. Today, the day serves as a reminder of the unity and courage behind the 1791 Constitution. The day was not officially celebrated for any length of time until 1989 when Poland was finally free from nearly two centuries of foreign occupation.

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Top facts about Constitution Day

  • In 1795, Poland ceased to exist on the map of Europe and it would remain this way for more than a century until 1918 when it was reinstated.
  • The Sejm of the Republic of Poland, at the request of the Senate, re-established the 3 May as Constitution Day on 6 April 6 1990 following a 123-year long period of Polish enslavement.

Constitution Day Top Events and Things to Do

  • Spread awareness on social media with hashtags such as #PolishConstitutionDay, #ConstitutionPoland and #FirstConstitutioninEurope.
  • Attend a local mass on 3 May which is also the feast day of Our Lady Queen of Poland. Masses are held around the country and attended by Poles of all walks of life.

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