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Statehood Day

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Lithuania Statehood Day, also known as the Coronation of King Mindaugas Day commemorates Lithuania's beginnings as a distinct, sovereign nation in the European landscape. This event holds great significance for the citizens of Lithuania, as it is a celebration of their unique cultural identity and the nation's long struggle for independence. Moreover, as a member state of the European Union, the Lithuanian Statehood Day carries special meaning for the entire European community, as it serves as a reminder of the shared Baltic history and the values of unity, democracy, and freedom that define Europe as a whole.

The observance traces its roots back to the 13th century when Mindaugas, the first and only King of Lithuania, was crowned on July 6, 1253, thereby establishing the then Kingdom of Lithuania. Mindaugas' reign marked the beginning of a cohesive and recognizable Lithuanian state, with the kingdom eventually growing to include modern-day Belarus, Ukraine, and parts of Poland and Russia. In the context of the European Union, this historical event is essential, as Lithuania's statehood is an integral part of Europe's cultural and political development, reflecting the common challenges and aspirations faced by the entire continent in the search for lasting peace and stability.

In the European Union, Lithuania Statehood Day is celebrated by Lithuanian expat communities, institutions, and diplomatic representations. Various events such as cultural exhibitions and performances showcasing traditional Lithuanian dance, music, and arts take place in European cities with significant Lithuanian populations. Moreover, the European Parliament, European Commission, and other EU institutions also mark the day by displaying the Lithuanian flag and hosting events that foster mutual dialogue and cooperation between Lithuania and the rest of Europe. Lithuania Statehood Day, is observed on July 6 every year, reflecting the symbol of cultural exchange and collective growth within the European Union.

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Top facts about Statehood Day

  • Mindaugas is considered to be the founder of the state of Lithuania and the ruler of the nation to convert it to Christianity.

Statehood Day Top Things to Do

  • Join in with the nation-wide sign-along of Lithuania's national anthem. At 9pm local time in Lithuania, join in with locals and sign the National Anthem.
  • Spread awareness on social media using hashtags such as #StatehoodLithuania, #Mindaugas and #Lithuanian.

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