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Fourth Sunday of Advent

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The Fourth Sunday of Advent, often simply referred to as "Advent", is a significant event in the liturgical calendar. It's a season of preparation and anticipation leading up to Christmas. Christians all over the world observe this special period as they ponder on the first coming of Christ in Bethlehem and anticipate His second coming at the end of age. The observance contains various aspects, including lighting the fourth candle on the Advent wreath which symbolizes love, staging special liturgical ceremonies, and tying up all final festive preparations.

In Norway, the Fourth Sunday of Advent holds deep historical reverence, tracing its roots to the Middle Ages. Although the season of Advent has always been marked, it's important to note that Norwegians adopt a unique and personalized approach. In Norway, the expression of Advent combines both religious symbolism and cultural practices. It is an opportunity for families to come together in the midst of the dark and cold winter days, fostering a sense of unity, togetherness, and anticipation of the celebrations to come.

Observance of the Fourth Sunday of Advent in Norway often revolves around the church, family gatherings, and home activities. Traditional practices include the lighting of the fourth candle in the Advent wreath, religious ceremonies in churches, and the completion of holiday preparations such as baking and decoration. The observance falls exactly on the Sunday before Christmas, marking the final week of the Advent season. Each family in Norway observes the day in its own special way, blending customs inherited from generations with the modern aspects of the holiday season.

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Fourth Sunday of Advent facts

  • The Fourth Sunday of Advent relates to the birth of Christ. As such, the candle for the Fourth Sunday is known as the Angel's candle.
  • The theme for the Fourth Sunday of Advent is peace. In an account by Evangelist Luke, upon the announcement of the birth of Christ, an angel said Peace on Earth, Good will toward men.
  • The Advent wreath is believed to have been used as early as the 16th century. German theologian and pastor Johann Hinrich Wichern is credited with the modern practice of lighting candles as part of the wreath.

Top things to do in Norway for Fourth Sunday of Advent

  • Pray and rejoice in peace. The Fourth Sunday represents peace. Peace can be reached despite trouble or conflict through God's love.
  • Attend an event or Mass in celebration of Advent. Be sure to abide by CDC guidelines and social distance.

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Fourth Sunday of Advent Facts

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