1956 Revolution Memorial Day

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1956 Revolution Memorial Day

1956 Revolution Memorial Day History

Republic Day commemorates the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. Following Joseph Stalin's death in 1953, Soviet rule in Eastern Europe began to weaken and Hungarians had a new leader name Nagy Imre, who started a new more liberal form of governing. The Russians removed Nagy from his post and appointed a new prime minister. However, Hungarians began to demand radical real changes. On 23 October 1956, hundreds of thousands of students and citizens took to the streets of Budapest to demand change.

Republic Day is celebrated annually on 23 October, the day that marks the beginning of the historical revolution for political change in Hungary.

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1956 Revolution Memorial Day Facts & Quotes

  • The demonstrators on 23 October demanded that the Soviet troops withdraw, that free elections be put in place along with liberty of speech and press, abolishment of surrendering goods, the removal of Stalin's statue and that Imre Nagy be appointed as new Prime Minister.
  • On 23 October, protestors successfully toppled the Stalin statue that was standing in Budapest's Heroes' Square.
  • On 24 October, Russian tanks appeared in Budapest to tame the revolution. By 25 October, peaceful protestors had been shot by the Russians. Around 800 people died that day.
  • By 11 November 1956, the freedom fighters and the Hungarian revolution had been crushed by the Russian army. 2000 had died and in the following year 180,000 would emigrate from Hungary.
  • When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right. - Victor Hugo, one of the greatest and best known French writers

1956 Revolution Memorial Day Top Events and Things to Do

  • Go see the Hungarian Holy Crown and Crown Jewels on display at the Hungarian Parliament. On this holiday, admission to the Parliament to see the display is free.
  • Have a Hungarian feast with traditional Hungarian dishes to celebrate the National Day. Try goulash, halaszle, langos, fozelek and somloi galuska.
  • Read a book about Hungarian history to further develop your understanding of the events of 1956 and later until Hungary finally was rid of Russian troops. Some of our suggestions: A Concise History of Hungary, A Will To Survive: A History of Hungary and The Hungarians.
  • Spread awareness for the day on social media by using hashtags such as #1956Revolution, #RepublicDay #Memorialod1956Revolution and #FreeingHungary.
  • Take part in the guided historical walk at the Hungarian Radio Headquarters This building played a major role in the events of October 1956.

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