1848 Revolution Memorial Day

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AKA NameHungarian National Day, Nemzeti ünnep
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2023 Date15 March 2023
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1848 Revolution Memorial Day

1848 Revolution Memorial Day History

The 1848 Revolution Memorial Day, also known as Hungarian National Day, commemorates the Revolution and the War of Independence against the Austrian-Hapsburg rule in 1848 and 1849. On 15 March 1848, Sandor Petofi recited his poem entitled Nemzeti Dal for thousands of Hungarians on the stairs of the National Museum. This passionate recitation marked the beginning of the revolution.

1848 Revolution Memorial is celebrated annually on 15 March. Today, it serves as a memorial for democracy and freedom and the Hungarian people's struggle to attain both.

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1848 Revolution Memorial Day Facts & Quotes

  • Lajos Batthyany was later elected as the first prime minister of Hungary. Following the war, he was executed along with 13 other leaders.
  • The Hungarian revolution was initially successful however after neighbouring Austria failed in its revolution, the Habsburg Empire sought help from the Russian Czar who defeated the Hungarian revolution.
  • The war for independence last until August of 1849.
  • Lajos Kossuth originally emerged as a leader of the revolution. He fled into exile after the Hungarian army was defeated.
  • Rise Up Magyar the Country Calls! - Sandor Petofi, famous poet and prominent figure in 1848 uprising (from Nemzeti Dal)

1848 Revolution Memorial Day Top Events and Things to Do

  • Go see the Hungarian Holy Crown and Crown Jewels on display at the Hungarian Parliament. On this holiday, admission to the Parliament to see the display is free.
  • Spread awareness for the day on social media by using hashtags such as #1848Revolution, #RevolutionMemorial and #HungarianNationalDay.
  • Read a book about Hungarian history to further develop your understanding of the events of 1848-49 and further until Hungary became independent. Some of our suggestions: A Concise History of Hungary, A Will To Survive: A History of Hungary and The Hungarians.
  • Attend the festivities on Castle Hill. There are dance and music shows and concerts as well as museums nearby that all offer free entrance on this day.
  • Have a Hungarian feast with traditional Hungarian dishes to celebrate the National Day. Try goulash, halaszle, langos, fozelek and somloi galuska.

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