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AKA NameAsh Monday, Πράσινη Δευτέρα
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2023 Date27 February 2023
2024 Date18 March 2024
Green Monday

Green Monday (Cyprus) History

Clean Monday marks an important feast that kicks off the 40-day period of Lent in the Eastern Greek Orthodox Church. It is celebrated by the consumption of fasting foods, outdoor excursions and the flying of kites. The term Clean Monday is meant to symbolise leaving behind sin and non-fasting foods such as dairy products and eggs.

Clean Monday is celebrated annually on the Monday of the 7th week before Orthodox Easter. It is a public holiday that is celebrated in Greece and Cyprus.

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Green Monday Facts & Quotes

  • Clean Monday is not held on the same day every year. It can vary significantly due to its ties to Easter and the lunar calendar. For example, Clean Monday was held on 15 March in 2021, but will be held on 7 March in 2022.
  • Great Lent lasts a period of 40 days because Jesus was known to have spent 40 days fasting in the desert. This period serves as a reminder of his fasting for humanity.
  • Clean Monday is also considered the first day of spring, which is why they celebrate with outdoor activities. These activities are called koulouma.
  • The day is sometimes called Ash Monday, referring to Ash Wednesday, the day on which Lent begins in Western Christianity.
  • Lent comes providentially to reawaken us, to shake us from our lethargy. – Pope Francis.

Green Monday Top Events and Things to Do

  • Build and fly a kite. This is a very common tradition during Clean Monday. It is meant to both be recreationally entertaining but also symbolise the arrival of spring.
  • Head to Nedousa, in the southern Peloponnese to take part in an agricultural carnival. Every year, residents of the town perform ancient theatre and dress up as goats on Clean Monday. Visitors are encouraged to join in and dress up with the locals.
  • Host a Clean Monday feast with family and friends. Traditional foods that are consumed during clean Monday are: octopus, shrimp, olives and taramosalata (traditional dip of lemon, bread crumbs and fish).
  • Read a book about fasting or faith in preparation of Lent. Some of our favourites are: A Hunger for God, Fasting and Eating for Health, and Fasting: Opening the Door to a Deeper, More Intimate and More Powerful Relationship with God.
  • Spread awareness of social media by using the hashtags #CleanMonday, #AshMonday, #PureMonday and #EasterisComing.

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