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WinCalendar as a Calendar Creator for Microsoft Excel

WinCalendar is also a Microsoft Excel Calendar creator & Calendar Spreadsheet Maker.  Calendars are inserted into your existing spreadsheet from a easy menu driven dialog... no calendar template to load. As a bonus WinCalendar includes a date picker that integrates directly with Excel (works like a native toolbar). WinCalendar in Excel features:

  • Create a customizable Weekly or Monthly calendar in native Excel format.
  • Over 60 layouts combinations available + many colors to chose from!
  • Our large format calendars are ideal for use as a spreadsheet planner!
  • Built in holidays through the year 2030 for 10 countries.
  • The calendar maker can even import Microsoft Outlook & Google Calendar appointment data..
  • Import any calendar data from Excel or CSV format
  • Supports weekday only calendar & start with Monday calendars.
  • Create a weekly calendar up to a continuous 520 weeks long (10 years).
  • See links on the left for more feature or here to download.

Sample Monthly Calendar with Google & Outlook data shown. One of many available layouts.
Other available layouts: Weekly, Yearly, Agenda, Schedule, & filterable data dump to Spreadsheet Table.

Excel Calendar Maker