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Microsoft Word calendar creator with holidays & stored daily notes.

WinCalendar is also a Word calendar maker that creates calendars (monthly & weekly), schedules, and Agendas! Over 60+ customizable layouts. The calendar maker is menu driven & works dynamically without templates. No files to open, simply access the WinCalendar menu from within Microsoft Word. Download now.

Screen shot of monthly calendar created with WinCalendar (one of many layouts!):

Excel Calendar Maker

This is one of many customizable sizes/layouts. Holidays, stored daily user appointments & even Microsoft outlook appointment data can be shown.

WinCalendar Calendar Maker in Word Features:

  • Create a customizable weekly or monthly calendar in native Word format.
  • Over 60 different layouts available! More Calendar Maker screen shots.
  • Built in holidays through the year 2020 for 10 countries.
  • Displays daily notes entered into WinCalendar.
  • Import Microsoft Outlook & Google Calendar data for display on generated calendars.
  • Choose from over 60 Colors.
  • Calendars are generated from the WinCalendar menu, no Templates to manage!