World Photography Day

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AKA NameDia Mundial da Fotografia
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2023 Date19 August 2023
World Photography Day

World Photography Day History

World Photography Day seeks to celebrate the artistic craft, science, and history of photography. Photography captures the precise elements of the present which in the future can be an insightful artifact of the past. Many organizations sponsor photography related contests on this day.

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World Photography Day Facts

  • Joseph Nicéphore Niépce is credited with taking the world's first photograph in 1826. Niépce used a technique called heliography which involved sunlight and plates of glass. He captured an outside view of his estate in France. The photo is called View from the Window at Le Gras.
  • A daguerreotype was the first commercially successful photographic process according to This method of photography was invented by French photographer Louis Jacque Mandé Daguerre in 1839. It utilized a silver copper plate to create and record unique images.
  • The world's first color photograph was taken in 1855 by Physicist James Clerk Maxwell. He developed a 3 color method to capture a colored ribbon.

World Photography Day Top Events and Things to Do

  • Go outside and take photos of what you see. Photography can be a fun hobby that is easily accessible.
  • Learn how to take professional photos. There are many factors that go into a good photo. Learn about lighting, composition, and depth.
  • Explore photos from World Photography Day. People all around the world share their photos in celebration of photography.

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