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New Year's Day

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New Year's Day, as widely known, is the first day of the Gregorian calendar. It serves as a symbolic fresh start for individuals around the globe. Critical aspects of this observance notably include reflecting on the past year, setting resolutions for the new one, and celebrating this transition with various customs and traditions. The day is often marked with fireworks, concerts, parades, family gatherings, and other festivities.

The adoption of January 1st as New Year's Day in the Netherlands dates back to 1700 when much of the Western world embraced the Gregorian calendar over the Julian. It is worth highlighting the Dutch tradition of "Oudejaarsavond" or "Old Year's Eve," which anticipates the arrival of the New Year. Another significant Dutch aspect of New Year’s Day is the uniquely Dutch treat, "oliebollen," deep-fried sweet dumplings typically filled with raisins, a culinary tradition dating back to at least the Middle Ages.

New Year's Day in the Netherlands is enhanced by a series of special events and rituals. The Dutch often commence their New Year with a "Nieuwjaarsduik" or New Year's dive into the icy waters of the North Sea, a popular tradition since 1960. Families and friends also gather to enjoy "oliebollen" and sparkling wine. Cities across the nation mark the transition with firework displays and street parties. Particularly in Amsterdam, the celebrations continue into the early hours of the New Year. In keeping with the rest of the world, the Dutch celebrate New Year's Day on January 1st.

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Facts about New Year's Day

  • Worldwide Baby New Year is the most common symbol associated with this holiday. He is a toddler dressed in a diaper, hat, and sash bearing the numbers of the new year. The myth states that he matures into an old man during the course of the year. On December 31st, he hands his hat and sash to the new Baby New Year.
  • In the early Roman calendar, New Year was celebrated on March 1st. The new celebration of New Year on January 1st started in Rome in 153 BC. The New Year was moved to January because it was a month when two newly elected Roman consuls began their tenure, which reflected the beginning of civil year.
  • A custom in the northern and eastern regions of the Netherlands is Carbide shooting. Milk churns are filled with carbide gas and ignited to produce a loud bang and sometimes a flying milk churn lid. This tradition serves as a way to chase away spirits and start the new year afresh.
  • Some Dutch people follow a tradition of making a lot of noise at midnight to scare away evil spirits and start the new year off on a good note. Others keep a carp scale in their wallets for good luck throughout the year.

Top things to do in Netherlands for New Year's Day

  • Make new resolutions for the upcoming year and let go of what happened in the previous one.
  • Attend the New Year’s Concert Nieuwjaarsconcert, a classical music performance by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.
  • Visit the Nijmegen New Year's Market, also known as Nijmeegse Nieuwjaarsmarkt. One of the largest New Year’s Day markets in the Netherlands with over 400 vendors.

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