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2025 DateMay 5, 2025
2026 DateMay 4, 2026

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May Day History

May Day in Ireland, like in many Celtic religions, commemorates the coming of spring and the blossoming of flowers and fruit, a festival known as Lá Bealtaine. May Day maypoles, brightly decorated tall poles with ribbons attached, are a common sight and a reminder of the country's pagan past.

May Day is also celebrated as part of the global worker’s rights movement, with protests and marches taking place in the larger cities and towns of Ireland. The contrast between the two events on this day are remarkable but each offer their own charms. The passive and contemplative aspects of May Day are countered by the vocal energy of Labour Day.

Top facts about May Day

  • "May Day" is also known as a distress signal in radio communications. It originated from the French term "m'aider" which means "help me".
  • May Day is often associated with the colour red, which symbolizes both workers' struggles and the beauty of spring. Red flags and banners are commonly seen during May Day celebrations.

May Day Top Things to Do

  • May Day coincides with the start of spring, so it's an ideal time to plant flowers or start a small garden. Spend the day gardening, tending to plants, and bringing more color and life to your surroundings.
  • Take some time to research and learn about the different May Day traditions around the world. Expand your knowledge about the holiday's historical and cultural significance, and share what you've learned with others.

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