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Sapro Systems Trust Statement

Many of our users & potential users have legitimate concerns over downloading our software or any software for that matter over the Internet. In order to run software, permission must be granted by the user. We realize that security is very important. The following is information to facilitate trust of our software:

  • Sapro Systems is a proud participant of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) on-line reliability program.
  • All of our Software is digitally signed by us, Sapro Systems.   After download or while running you may be prompted by Windows or MS Office to allow for our software to run.   Be sure it says 'Signed by: Sapro Systems' to be certain that the software is by us.   You may be prompted with a dialog similar to the below:
    A digitital signature is a security mechanism started by Micrsosoft which verifies the publisher of software. Companies must be reputable & go through a background check to obtain a digital signature.

    To access Digital Signature info at any time: From Windows Explorer Right-Click on the WinCalendar installer (SetupWinCalendarV4.exe) - or any of the installed exe components and select 'Properties', then select the 'Digital Signatures' tab.
  • Sapro Systems is a dully US owned & registered business.  We operate out of Florida in the United States (formerly out of NYC).  We do not outsource support.  We have been in business for over 15 years.
  • A full UN-installer is included with WinCalendar.
  • For your security our software is hosted by CNET's  CNET is owned by CBS.  CNET tests hosted software to assure it is free of spyware, viruses, etc.
  • Be sure that you downloaded our software from CNET's  Our website, links to for downloads. If you did not download our software via one of these website, please obtain a new copy from them.
  • WinCalendar never changes source calendar data.  Wincalendar only Reads from import sources.
  • Sapro Systems values the privacy of our customers! WinCalendar runs locally on your PC. Your Calendar data is at no point ever transmitted to external servers. For more information on privacy please see our privacy policy .