Hardware & System Requirements

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4Software Requirements:

To use WinCalendar as a Calendar Maker, Microsoft Excel or Word running on Windows is required.  Excel and Word is not required to use WinCalendar as a stand alone Windows desktop Calendar / date picker.

WinCalendar only runs on Microsoft Windows.  WinCalendar it not compatible with Mac OS.  At this time we do not make a version of WinCalendar compatible with Apple Mac OS's.


Supported Excel Versions*: Microsoft Excel 2007 (version 12) through Excel 2016 (version 16)

Supported Word Versions*: Microsoft Word 2007 (version 12) through Word 2016 (version 16)

Supported MS Office Versions*: Office 2007 (version 12) through Office 2016 (version 16)

Office 365 (through version 15-16) is supported when running locally (not supported when running on a web browser)


*WinCalendar runs on 32-bit MS Office only, however WinCalendar is compatible with both 32 and 64 bit Windows.



4Minimum System Requirements:


CPU: Pentium III or newer (Equivalent AMD & Cyrix chips OK)


CPU Speed: 1000 MHz or Faster


Video Monitor: Any monitor which can be set to minimum 800 x 600 resolution is recommended.


Operating System: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.  WinCalendar should also work on other editions of Windows, but has only been tested on these versions.


Memory: WinCalendar typically uses only about 5-10 mb of memory (varies depending on import data).  However we recommend a minimum of 2GB RAM.  More memory will be needed if you intend to run other applications at the same.