New Version 4 Features

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WinCalendar Version 4 (initial release April 17, 2013) contains the following new features as compared to prior Version 3.48:


1) Compatibility with Microsoft Office 365, Office 2013-2016 (version 15 & 16, 32 bit only).   This is supported when running Microsoft Office directly from your PC (and not from a browser).


2) Support for bolding times only (example: "12:30 Meeting") on many calendar layouts.


3) You can now run multiple monthly calendars at a time by selecting a date range.


4) New static Timeline (Gantt Chart) Layout in Excel.


5) WinCalendar now supports importing Outlook Category Colors (when running Word/Excel version 12 and newer).


6) Improvements to Schedule layout format.  It also now supports a span of up to 100 days (when using Excel).


7) General improvements to better accommodate touch-screen displays.


8) WinCalendar now better accommodates PC's with non-English language settings.


9) Improved 'Spreadsheet Table' layout (in Excel), it now has a built-in Summary row.


10) New and improved 'Import from File' and 'Import from Excel range' feature (when running WinCalendar in Excel only).  For more info see:


11) Agenda format now supports excluding days without events.


12) Improved rendering of text symbols and bullets when importing data from ical (Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, iCal Calendar).