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Download WinCalendar 5-in-1 Calendar for Windows, Word & Excel.

Supported Operating Systems, Windows:

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Optional Required Software:  

Microsoft Excel or Word (version 12 thru version 16 including Office 365) running on Windows. They are required to use calendar maker features.

WinCalendar Version:

  4.43. For info on new features vs prior version 3 click here.

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<- Click this button to goto CNET'sdownload page for WinCalendar.  In case this link is down, click here for our local server download. The install is also available for dowload as a zip here.

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check Tucows 5 cow rating (highest rating available).
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check WinCalendar is not bundled with other software.
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WinCalendar comes with a Free desktop Calendar & date picker for Windows, Word & Excel. The Calendar Maker is intended as a demo.  The Calendar Maker contains feature limitations with regard to: holidays, calendar size, calendar format & allowed imported calendar appointment entries.

To upgrade to our registered version, simply install this free version, then enter the license registration code received upon ordering. This free version automatically becomes the licensed version upon entering this code.