May 1, 2017 calendar

is ...

  • 121st day of the year. There are then 244 days left in 2017.
  • 18th Monday of 2017.
  • on the 18th week of 2017 (using US standard week number calculation).
  • 43rd day of Spring. There are 51 days left till Summer.

May 1 Zodiac Sign


May 1, 2017 Holidays and Popular Observances - United States

May 1, 2017 Popular National Holidays for other Countries

  • International Labour Day - European Union, Belgium (Dag van de arbeid), France (Fête du travail), Italy (Festa del lavoro), Norway (Første mai/Arbeiderbevegelsens dag), Sweden (Arbetarnas dag / Första Maj), Switzerland (Tag der Arbeit), Finland (Vappupäivä), Germany (Maifeiertag/der erste Mai/Tag der Arbeit), Austria (Staatsfeiertag)
  • International Workers Day - Denmark (Arbejdernes kampdag / 1.maj)
  • May Day - United Kingdom
  • Spring Day - Estonia (Kevadpüha)
  • Worker's Day - South Africa
  • International Day of Solidarity of Workers - Moldova (Ziua internaţională a solidarităţii oamenilor muncii), Dominican Republic (Día del Trabajo), Ukraine (День міжнародної солідарності трудящих), Costa Rica (Día del Trabajo), Cuba (Día del Trabajo), Czech Republic (Svátek práce), Greece (Εργατική Πρωτομαγιά), Hungary (A munka ünnepe), Poland (Święto Pracy), Portugal (Dia do Trabalhador), Romania (Ziua Muncii), Serbia (Празник рада), Belarus (Свята працы), Singapore (劳动节 (美国), Singapore (Hari Buruh), (Dia Internacional dos Trabalhadores)
  • May Day - Russia (Праздник весны и труда)
  • Workers' Day - Nigeria, Isreal

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