Ovulation & Fertility Calendar

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*Important notes regarding the Ovulation & Fertility:


This feature is based on various assumptions... each woman's cycle varies & this feature may result in misleading or incorrect results.  Sapro Systems does not in any way warrant or guarantee the accuracy & results.  This feature is provided 'as is', we strongly recommend consulting with a physician and/or other sources before acting on any ovulation & fertility data.



1) Typical cycle duration: The average length of your period cycle.


2) Last known period start date: The fist day of your period bleeding.


3) Typical discharge duration, days: The number of days your period discharge lasts.


4) Luteal Phase duration:  The time period that's calculated from the day after ovulation and runs through the remainder of the cycle.  This phase usually lasts between 12 and 16 days and is fairly consistent within woman's cycle.  For most women this is about 14.  For more information we recommend doing a Google Search for 'Luteal'.


5) Mark Period discharge duration: Check this to show estimated period discharge days.  This will be reflected by the date having a reddish colored background.  See below for more illustration.


6) Mark most fertile days: Check this to show estimated days in which conception is most likely to occur.  This will be reflected by the date having a purplish background color.  See below for more illustration.


7) Don't Remember Settings:  WinCalendar respects your privacy!  If checked, WinCalendar will not retain any of the settings in this form for next usage.  Restated, next time anyone runs WinCalendar in a new Excel or Word session, this form will be reset per WinCalendar defaults.  If unchecked, then WinCalendar will remember user settings for use in the next time you run WinCalendar.





The below sample was generated with WinCalendar in Excel using the 'weekly' option in 'small' size.  This is just one of the many supported layouts...

Ovulation & Fertility can be generated on any of our 60+ calendar layouts in both Word & Excel.

You can also use this feature in conjunction with other WinCalendar features, including importing of Google & Outlook Calendar data right onto the same calendar.