General Options

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Refer to the item number on the list below...



1) Calendar Size: Small / Medium / Large
 calendar-small   calendar-medium   calendar-large


2) Display Rows: The above shown for a 12 week size Calendar.  The maximum display weeks is 52 weeks (16 for the free version).


3) Show Holidays: WinCalendar can display holidays for the listed countries.  Holiday data is obtained from public records/calculators & of course may not be always accurate.  In the free version of WinCalendar: Holidays are marked but not displayed.  For this case you can click the month name to open our web calendar with the Holidays listed (US & Religious only).  The licensed WinCalendar supports displaying Holidays directly on WinCalendar.  Refer to the past year for typical holidays which WinCalendar reflects.


4) Target Date Format: this is the date format that upon clicking a date is:

-placed in the clipboard if running WinCalendar in Windows

-inserted into the active cell if running WinCalendar in Excel

-inserted into the active document at the cursor position if running WinCalendar in Word


5) Clicking the Month Selects: Determines which date if processed if the month is clicked in WinCalendar.


6) Default Screen Position:  This is the screen position for WinCalender when loaded.  'Auto' mode sets this to the Mouse Position cursor depending on how it is called.